Friday, November 7, 2014

Twists and Turns but No Exit

  The two jammers, Rocky and Daisy noticed a new attraction had come to Jamaa. They begged their parents to go but they said no every time they asked. The two trouble making bunnies decided to sneek out of the den during night time. They took the late bus to the maze and Rocky was bragging, "we could make it out of here in 10 seconds flat!" Daisy wasn't so sure about that but she was too shy to deny it and they both went in. It was scary in there at night and they could hear screams in the distance. Rocky being Rocky wanted to make some gems fast so he said to Daisy, "Hey, I bet I can make it out of here faster than you!" Daisy wanted to prove she wasn't just a cry baby so she accepted and Rocky told her the first one out would win 1,000 gems. So they split up and pretty soon they were far from each other. Daisy was so lost and she started screaming but stopped because she thought Rocky would hear her "baby screams." Rocky was running thinking he could beat her easy but he suddenly ran into a scarecrow and screamed thinking it was a monster. A beast that owned the maze and heard him and said to himself, "hmm more inturuders..mhmm.." The beast was one of the slaves that worked in the maze. He had worked their for his whole life. There were other beasts working there though and they had never been named and they were treated like dirt. Daisy was so tried of running she fell asleep on a pile of hay. Another one of the beast slaved found her. "HEY PUNK GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I CALL THE REST OF THE TROOPS ON YOU!" "W-whhat?!" screamed Daisy. "LOOK YOU BETTER FIND YOUR WAY OUT BEFORE OUR MASTER GETS BACK OR YOU'LL BE DEAD!" Daisy wanted out and in her head she thought about her cozy and sleeping in her bed at her home. She ran into a creepy cell at the corner of the maze where she saw dead jammers from what it seemed like years ago. All of a sudden a group of beasts found her and she was surrounded from each way and she was quite certain there was no way out.
   Thanks for reading part 1 of 4! I will make part 2 soon! ~snowy1262  

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